Process Safety Management Systems


Process Safety Management Systems outlines how companies, especially those with Major Accident Hazard potential control the way they design, operate and maintain their facilities and how they can demonstrate the competencies of their people to execute tasks and procedures within the organisation.

Using a framework model they will identify the Key Focus Areas and for each focus area identify elements that will allow them to demonstrate that they can meet or exceed the regulators requirement of best practice


There are several framework models for PSM but most are aligned to either the Energy Institute (EI) or the Centre for Process Safety (CCPS) with 4 focus areas


  • Process Safety Leadership (5)
  • Risk Identification and Assessment (2)
  • Risk Management (11)
  • Review and Improvement (2)


  • Commit to Process Safety
  • Understand the Hazards and Risks
  • Manage Risk
  • Learn from experience

For Process Safety & Leadership the system should be able to demonstrate how the company controls Leadership Commitment and Responsibility, Identification & Compliance with Legislation and Industry Standards, Employee Selection, Placement, Competency and Health Assurance, Work Force Involvement and Communication with Stakeholders

For Risk Identification & Assessment the system should be able to demonstrate how the company controls Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and Documentation, Records and Knowledge Management

For Risk Management the system should be able to demonstrate how the company controls Operating Manuals & Procedures, Process and Operational Status Monitoring and Handover, Management of Operational Interfaces, Standards and Practices, Management of Change and Project Management, Operational Readiness and Process Start Up, Emergency Preparedness, Inspection and Maintenance, Management of Safety Critical Devices, Work Control, Permit to Work and Task Risk Management and Contractor and Supplier, Selection and Control

For Review & Improvement the system should be able to demonstrate how the company controls Incident Reporting and Investigation and Audit, Assurance, Management Review and Intervention

There are many ways to integrate the PSM system into the overall management system and in many top tier COMAH sites many of the key elements are in existence already. Leading & Lagging Indicators are a key part of assurance and fundamental to the success of a good PSM System.


ProSalus has assisted a number of our clients in carrying out training in Process Safety Management and helping them develop their PSM Systems.