Process Safety Gap Analysis


Process Safety Management Systems outlines how companies, especially those with Major Accident Hazard potential control the way they design, operate and maintain their facilities and how they can demonstrate the competencies of their people to execute tasks and procedures within the organisation.

Using the key elements identified in existing Framework Models as a basis the Gap Analysis identifies the differences between a standard model and the company’s model and gives a judgment as to whether they are compliant or non-compliant


By taking the key elements of a standard model and mapping them to the company’s systems of work the assessor can identify any immediate shortfalls if certain areas are not covered by the existing systems.

Using the principles of best practice that are available from Regulatory Authorities or the company’s own systems and procedures the assessor then reviews the systems in place to see if they comply with best practice.

At the end a risk ranked list of non conformances, areas for improvement and areas of commendation is created allowing the company to create an action list to achieve compliance


ProSalus has assisted a number of our clients in carrying out gap analyses on their PSM system or on their existing systems to see if they are compliant with best practice

Selected Project Overview

Carried out Gap Analysis on existing systems of work v’s the US 29 CFR 1910.119 standard to demonstrate compliance with US standard for UK based subsidiary of a US based Oil Field Chemical Company.