Lifecycle Verification


Verification is the activity that confirms by analysis and/or testing that the required outputs satisfy the defined requirements for the appropriate lifecycle phases.


When a instrumented safeguard is identified with a requirement for a risk reduction of SIL 1 or greater during the SIL Allocation phase then a verification plan should be produced.  This plan will outline the basic output requirements for each lifecycle phase and determine the competency requirements. The plan covers each of the relevant project phases and will continue to be developed as the project progresses.

Each phase of the lifecycle should be signed off and verified as meeting the phase requirements by an independent person.


ProSalus has assisted clients in this role acting as independent verifiers throughout the lifecycle.  We have a diverse core team that can assist and advise our clients on how to accomplish each lifecycle phase inline with current industrial best practice.

ProSalus also acts as the client representative in the handling of third party verification on industrial projects and component verification and with working with regulatory bodies to obtain license to operate.