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Functional Safety Compliance Assessment


Functional Safety Compliance Assessment (FSCA) is a systematic review of a component or system to determine its overall SIL capability based on the requirements of BS EN IEC 61508 2nd Edition. 


It is required to assess the functional safety capability of the component or system to determine if it is capable of achieving the target SIL in terms of random hardware failures, fault tolerance and systematic capability in accordance with the requirements of the international functional safety standard BS EN IEC 61508 2nd Edition.

The scope of the assessment is normally limited to the safety path associated with the component or system under review and does not include non safety path sensing equipment; associated signal processing equipment, any externally associated devices, components, sub systems or software. 

The purpose of this type of assessment is to assess the design, manufacture and usage in order to substantiate the product SIL capability in accordance with the requirements of BS EN IEC 61508 2nd Edition, and if necessary identify necessary changes to the equipment, its usage and/or its testing in order to compensate for any shortfall.


ProSalus regularly undertakes FSCAs generally for component and system original equipment manufacturers. We have experienced assessors with extensive experience in the application of BS EN IEC 61508 2nd Edition and we have an internal FSCA methodology which we apply.