EEMUA 191 Gap Analysis


The Engineering Equipment and Material Users Association (EEMUA) 191 publication (Alarm systems – A guide to design, management and procurement) aims to assist in the design, development, procurement, operation, maintenance of industrial alarm systems. Guidance is included on:

  • The design of alarm processing systems and their functionality.
  • The operation of existing alarm systems and performance optimisation.
  • The specification and purchase of new alarm systems.

Alarm systems form an essential part of the operator interfaces to industrial facilities by warning them of situations that need their attention and therefore have an important role in preventing, controlling and mitigating the effect of abnormal situations that require operator intervention.


The purpose of an EEMUA 191 Gap Analysis is to assess the installed alarm management system against the core principles detailed within the publication in terms of:

  • Philosophy.
  • Design.
  • Implementation.
  • Alarm Performance Analysis.
  • Rationalisation.

The analysis considers the entire alarm management lifecycle, documents gaps between the installed system and EEMUA 191 and highlights activities required comply with the publication..


ProSalus can conduct an EEMUA 191 Gap Analysis to identify the shortfalls in your existing alarm management system.  We have experienced Engineers with extensive ‘real world’ experience within the Process Industries.