Cyber Security Gap Analysis

Introduction: A Cyber Security Gap Analysis is a systematic review of how an organisation manages operational cyber security and identifies the gaps between the current the system and the requirements of the UK NCSC cyber assessment framework put forward in OG-0086 to assist with an organisations ALARP demonstration.

Application: A systematic review is conducted benchmarking an organisations CSMS against the requirements of the UK NCSC cyber assessment framework, A - Managing Security Risk, B - Protecting against cyber attack, C - Detecting cyber security events and D - Minimising the impact of cyber security incidents. Where gaps are identified this provides a clearer view for where the current CSMS does not meet the benchmarking requirements allowing an improvement plan with and priority ratings to be put inplace,  to close the identified gaps and allocate resources, as appropriate, to improve systems to where the organisations security posture should be situated, based on the security risk assessment.

Services: ProSalus has conducted a number of Cyber Security Gap Analysis and assisted clients in managing the closing of the gaps by assisting in the development of the CSMS and carrying out further audits on physical and management systems