Phase 5

Installation & Commissioning Validation


The objective of Phase 5 is to install, commission and validate the SIS to meet the safety requirements.


SIS safety validation is planned and conducted through inspection and testing to ensure that the installed SIS and associated SIFs achieve all requirements identified within the SRS.

When the requirement for a SIS and the risk reduction requirements have been identified a SIS Validation Plan shall be prepared, which defines all the required validation activities.  This includes testing that the installed SIS operates in all identified operation modes that are reasonably foreseeable, identifying all procedures, reference information, measures and techniques to be used, the person(s), departments and organisations responsible for these activities and the required independence.

Validation must be carried out on the installed hardware and any applicable safety application software.


ProSalus has assisted clients in the developments of validation plans and procedures to enable compliance to industrial guidance and current best engineering practice.